General Terms of Use

Updated on 11th September 2019

Your purchase or use of our products implies that you have read and accepted these terms and conditions of use.


  • All products in the store have standard licensing, which means you have the freedom to use the products within an institution but not to resell our products;
  • Based on the products purchased on this site, you can create as many mashups as you want, as long as they belong to the same company or institution. If you have purchased a mashup and want to use it in another company or institution, you must buy again;
  • If you intend to resell our templates, having used all or part of the codes or layouts, please contact us to inform us about acquiring an appropriate license for this purpose;


  • You can customize and edit our templates to fit your specific needs;

Unauthorized use

  • You may not provide our templates, whether modified or not, by any means (CD, pen drive, Internet, etc.). It is also prohibited to resell or redistribute our products without the prior written consent of Sensetemplates;
  • You may not sublicense, give or send our products without our prior consent;


  • We do not issue refunds after downloading our products except for cases where the product does not match the descriptions on this website. In this case you may request a refund within 3 business days from the date of purchase;
  • We will not offer refunds for the following cases:
    • You have changed your mind about a product;
    • You have purchased a product by mistake;
    • You do not have minimal technical knowledge to use the products;
  • Although all of our mashups are tested before they are available in the store, unexpected bugs can be found. These issues can be reviewed and approved by our technical support team. The deadline to correct this type of error is 3 business days. If bugs are proven, and we are unable to correct within 3 business days after receiving the formal complaint, we will give full refund to the customer without any reward or indemnity. Alternatively, if the customer wishes, it may replace the product with a similar product of the same value;


  • You may not claim intellectual property or the exclusive property of any Sensetemplates product, whether modified or not.


  • We guarantee that our products will work with the two latest versions of Qlik Sense based on date of your purchase (For example, if you purchased a product in October, we guarantee it will work on Qlik Sense previous versions of September and June of the same year);
  • You can be notified by email if any critical updates need to be made as a result of updates to Qlik Sense;
  • With each critical update, we will provide the same kit originally provided, plus the modifications. This means that if you have changed our products, you may have to redo some or all of the modifications. We will keep a list of the updated items for better control;
  • Important: All native Qlik Sense objects (graphics, tables, filters, etc.) are 100% compatible with our mashups. If your original QVF file (s) use extensions (graphics, maps, etc.) created or customized by third parties other than Qlik, we do not guarantee full functionality;


  • Along with our products, we offer a quick guide on how to install and use our templates;
  • In addition to this Guide, we offer a free 30-day support to clarify questions about how to use our mashups;
  • Support is provided exclusively by email (support@sensetemplates.com). It will be necessary to inform the number of your purchase to proceed with the service;
  • The maximum time to answer your questions is 2 business days.

Only use support@senstemplates.com to contact our support.