Qlik Qonnections 2018 - what we saw in Orlando

Qlik Qonnections 2018 - what we saw in Orlando

We were at Qonnections 2018 in Orlando last week and took the opportunity to check out the news that Qlik is programming.

Among the many features that will come from the June version of Qlik Sense, such as the adoption of artificial intelligence, we realize how the newly launched Qlik Core is expected to revolutionize the BI market in the medium term. This is the ability to use the Qlik Engine and its associative analysis in an open way, which gives immense power to developers to create their own intelligence solutions with embedded Qlik technology.

At the event, the stands and presentations that made use of mashups to create unique designs for Qlik Sense panels stood out. There is no doubt that the use of self-service for native panels is powerful with the use of Qlik, but for the user profile that prefers a guided and customized navigation, the use of mashups enchants and greatly increases the users’ engagement.

Being in Qonnections 2018 was also a great opportunity to meet customers and partners. Let us also notice the global market moving and experiencing Qlik in a variety of ways, using augmented reality and other technologies for the visual layer.

In 2019 the event will be in Dallas, Texas. Sense Templates prepares many new features by then and will certainly be there.

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