Make my own Qlik Sense mashup or buy one?

Make my own Qlik Sense mashup or buy one?

What’s better: make my own design mashup for Qlik Sense or buy a ready template?

If you are a programmer and consider yourself a good designer and front-end developer, that is, if you have great skill on both fronts, there is a reasonable chance it will be advantageous for you to make your own mashup. But given the amount of programming specificity for full compatibility between Qlik Engine and the developed web pages, plus all the conditional and deployments that provide the best user experience, you’re sure to do something well below what’s possible. Or at least well below what we already do in Sensetemplates, for a very simple reason: we are 100% focused on the design, implementation and improvement of the mashups we create.

There is an even more important factor to consider: your core business. The learning curve for learning to create mashups is quite extensive and involves at least two profiles of professionals. Taking all of this into account, surely outsourcing this demand is advantageous and practical.

Using our templates, in addition to having a unique design, you are sure to be using the best and most optimized to enhance the Qlik user experience.

Our products go through the following steps:

  1. Research (to explore and study new design concepts)
  2. Prototyping (to design the user experience)
  3. Design (to create the visual style of each screen)
  4. Front-end (to create navigable HTML pages, integrated with Qlik Sense)
  5. Quality Assurance (to ensure that we deliver each product ready for you to use)

We are constantly creating new templates. Check here.