Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are design mashups for Qlik Sense?

    Conceptually, a mashup is a web page or application that comes to be by combining data or features from different sources. Within Qlik Sense’s context, a mashups aims to create a design and interface that departs from the standard ste. We use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular and React among other technologies to achieve this.

  2. QlikView allowed me to change my application’s design. Can I do the same using Qlik Sense mashups?

    Yes. We can replicate user interfaces that closely ressemble (and even vastly improve) any given QlikView design.

  3. Are “Template” and “Design Mashup” for Qlik Sense the same thing?

    Technically speaking, no, but in practice, both mashups and templates can be run inside the server.
    For example, you can have an exclusive mashup for the sales team of a company, and at the same time another mashup intended for senior management only. Both may share the same visual pattern but will need to have distinct names, since mashups are installed on the server as extensions.

  4. Which Qlik Sense license do I need in order to run design mashups?

    Only “Enterprise” and “QAP” licenses can make use of mashups at the moment. As mashups work as an extension of Qlik Sense, there is no additional infrastructure cost beyond Qlik licensing that’s already ben acquired.

  5. Can I use a design mashups with Qlik Cloud?

    Unfortunately not. Qlik Cloud / Qlik Sense Business does not support extensions.

  6. What are the advantages of using a design mashup versus a standard Qlik Sense visualization?

    Countless. The main ones are: freedom to create your own layouts, QVF grouping inside the same mashup, integrating external content from other web systems, ability to include more objects on the same screen by refining positioning, among others. You can read more about it here.

  7. Do mashups allow end users to create their own visualization objects and stories?

    No. Self-service features like creating new charts, stories and bookmarks are restricted to the standard Qlik Sense hub. Users who need to create their own analytics will need to access the QVF and not the mashup.

  8. How will users access the mashups?

    Each mashup generates a unique URL, which can be accessed directly in the browser (for example as a shortcut on the desktop), or as a link within a corporate internal portal. You must have a username and password to access (the same one used to access Qlik Sense’s applications “HUB”).

  9. Can I display content from different Qlik Sense applications in the same mashup?

    Yes. However, the mashup must have been built in such a way for it to allow filter interactions in each application. The templates marked as “multi-app” in our store are prepared to receive multiple Apps.

  10. I bought a product from Sense Templates and Qlik Sense released a new version. Will my mashup continue to work?

    Yes. Qlik Sense periodic updates are not likely to interfere with our mashups, since we use standard programming languages during development.
    Read our Terms of Use to learn more.

  11. Am I entitled to a product refund when I purchased a template from the store?

    Yes, but only in specific cases as described in the Terms of Use under the Refund subject.